Sunday, November 25, 2012

What a woman really wants

So the book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus sold flew off the bookshelves when it came out....of course women purchased it hoping to understand the man in their life and hoping the man in their life would read it to understand them.

I can honestly say I did not read the book because I don't think you need to "read" about understanding the opposite sex you just need to watch!

Today we will talk about women and their "subtle" ways of telling you what they want but first we need to explore the complex world of a woman.

Women work ALL the time.  You may not see them doing fact you may see the nap on the couch and ask yourself, "why am I the only one who is picking up dog poop?"  Trust me...she is working because most women do not relax.  Even when they sleep they do not relax.  I cannot speak for all women because that is just crazy....the "x" chromosome is not equal in all women.  

I can say this when women are 

  • doing the dishes they are thinking about what else needs to be done.  
  • doing the laundry they are thinking about what to make for dinner.  
  • at their jobs they are thinking of what needs to be picked up at the store on the way home.
  • home they are scheduling their time between soccer practice and PTA.  
  •  sleeping they are thinking (dreaming) about everything that needs to be done the next day.
Women's minds just do not stop because the world does not stop.  Let me see if I can explain this so men out there can understand....women work on all cylinders.  

So what does a woman want?  This too is also simple.  They want
  • appreciation for what they do (even if you don't quite see it or understand it)
  • thank you on occasion.  You know your clothes you dump on the floor do not end up washed, pressed and hanging in your closet on their own.
  • a break now and then.  Take her (and the kids or get a babysitter) out to dinner.  There is no better relief than to not have to decide what to cook, then prepare dinner and then clean it up.
  • help doing some of the little things.  Unloading the dishwasher is a great thing to do to help the woman in your life.  Just make sure to put the dishes away where they are supposed to go because nothing is worse than when you need a vegetable peeler and you can't find it.
And here's the big one:  They want (need) more time and more energy. One of my favorite lines in a television show is from Desperate Housewives when Tom tells a tired Lynette he will take the kids to the park so she can have a break.  That would have been perfect if Tom hadn't followed up with "go soak in the tub or take a nap" because Lynette reminded him of all the laundry, bills to pay and other chores that she will be "relaxing" doing.  

It never ends and although women may blame their man for the endless things that have to be done but it is in a woman's DNA to keep going.  She will not ask for help because she doesn't want to burden you.  

If you really want to understand what the woman in your life wants....WATCH!!  You will find many things you can help with if you watch.  

Don't forget to:
  • Thank her occasionally for everything she does (even if you don't see her do it)
  • Appreciate your clean clothes hanging in the closet
  • Take a few things off her plate and put it on yours occasionally
Here's a big one that will score big points:
When you see her washing dishes, cooking dinner, doing laundry or any of the other million things that women do.....go up behind her and give her a hug.  Women know that you are "thanking" them for doing what they are doing.  Women know you are appreciating what they do.  
Want the spunky woman, fun loving lady, easy going wife back?  You thought I was going to tell you how to do this didn't you.....well the truth is she is gone.  That woman didn't have all the responsibilities this woman has.  That woman didn't juggle the kids, career, the house, the bills, the shopping, the scheduling, the holiday planning, you, etc.  That woman had time and energy to be spunky, fun loving and easy going.

What you can do is ease the burden.  What you can do is appreciate and show it.  What you can do is be understanding that everything she does is for you, you and the kids and for your family.  

That's a nutshell.  Stay tuned for what a man really wants.

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