Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday eating

It's that time of year:  
candy, cake, cookies, calories, carbohydrates 
What does a person do? 

We have parties, parties, more parties. Gifts from co-workers usually mean more candy, cookies, cake, etc.  Gifts from clients are usually homemade candy, cookies, cake, etc.  

Here's what normally happens.  Summer sneaks up on us because it has been a long cold winter in our "comfy" clothes so when it's time for shorts and bathing suits we decide we are going to get serious.  It takes about a month to get into the "swing" of things but we are doing good.  August roles around and we are doing GREAT.  September couldn't be better.  

October:  The holiday that starts the "holiday season" off...and how does it do that? CANDY!

November:  Okay so this month isn't that bad if you pay attention.  One day (maybe two if you spend time with two families).  Let's look at the traditional Thanksgiving meal; Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce, dessert.  Of course there are other things on this list but these are the foundation, right?  

First trick:  allow yourself only ONE plate.  Don't get another plate.  I am one of those people who cannot have their food "touch."  I know, I know....I'm working on it (not really) so what I do is I substitute the big plate for two small plates.

Turkey.  Not fattening, tastes good....pile it on your plate FIRST.  (If you have more turkey covering your plate than there is less room for the other goodies, right).

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy:  Who can pass that up.  You don't have to.  Moderation is the key.  One spoonful (not ladle) of potatoes and you are set.  Put the gravy in a little bowl and dip potatoes and turkey into it....don't smoother your food with it.

Stuffing:  One spoonful is all you need.  Take your spoon and spread the stuffing out on the plate.  You will trick your mind in thinking more is there and you will have less room on your plate.

Rolls:  Now this is where I have a problem.  I LOVE ROLLS!  Here is a great trick.  Open your roll on your plate.  It will look like "more" than it really is.  If you like to butter your roll, go ahead it is Thanksgiving but don't drown it.

Cranberry Sauce:  Not high on the list of foods to lose weight but what is Thanksgiving without it.  Just like the spoonful and you can enjoy it with moderation.

Vegetable:  At our house we do green bean casserole.  Green beans healthy....but don't over do it.  Whatever vegetable you have pile it on your plate if it's in a natural state.   

Dessert:  What would Thanksgiving be without dessert.  Cherry cheesecake, pumpkin pie, apple pie with ice cream of course.  Without dessert you will feel like you missed something.  Enjoy dessert but in moderation.  Start with half of a slice. 

Here's the trick on seconds:  Go healthy first.  More turkey or vegetables....okay.  Be careful on seconds of the other stuff.

It's okay to enjoy the holiday meals.  Just remember that Christmas and all the parties are coming up so don't "overdo" your eating.  

EVERYTHING in moderation is OKAY!!  Be aware of what you eat but don't over think it. Enjoy the time with family without panicking on what you are eating.  If you add 15 minutes to your cardio exercise routine each time throughout the holidays you will do just fine. 

Stay tuned on tips for the holiday parties and the six weeks of celebration.

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