Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The truth about losing weight

DIET this, DIET that

I tried this new diet and I can't believe how much I've lost.

You have got to try this...it is so easy.

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It's time to STOP THE MADNESS!

I don't know about you but I am tired of hearing about all the "great ways" out there to lose weight.  Yes, they may be great at taking the weight off but not so great at keeping it off and the worst part about it.....it doesn't change how you think about food, exercise and weight loss.

The truth is no matter HOW good the diet or the program until YOU change how you feel about it ....nothing changes long term.

I have a friend that swears by the "no carb" diet.  He (yes I said he) does this four times a year.  Why does he do it four times a year....because he only loses weight when he doesn't eat carbs. When he goes back to "normal" he gains it back.  

"Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results" Albert Einstein.

The truth is this:  Unless YOU change what YOU do nothing will work forever.

You have to change how you see healthy living (or weight loss).  
  • Anyone can have their meals prepared for them, sent to your door and lose weight if they follow the program.  BUT what happens when you reach your goal?  Do you spend a lifetime having your meals sent to your door?
  • Anyone can stop eating carbs for a month and lose weight but, like my friend, what happens when you go back to normal meals?
So what do you do?  You change how you feel about food.  I love the saying "Eat to Live not Live to Eat."

Changing starts with understanding.  Understand why you are eating what you eat and when you eat it so keep a diary.  Write down what you are eating, time of day you are eating, who you are with and how you feel at that moment.  You will be surprised at what you find out.

Changing your emotional habits are hard but to do this for a LIFETIME you have to understand them to make a real change.

Start a diary....yes I know it's going to be difficult BUT CHANGE IS DIFFICULT.  Keep your diary for a minimum of one week (unless you are the type of person who will "watch" what you do for a week so you avoid adding it to your diary).  Remember, you only cheat yourself if you cheat the diary.  I always suggest keeping it for a month.  Take your diary to your Doctor and discuss what can be done about your patterns.

Everything worth having is worth waiting for.  If it isn't hard to achieve it's value is worth nothing.

If you are in Southern Colorado and want to discuss a life change with a Doctor I highly recommend Dr. Sutton of Premier Back Rehabilitation Center.

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