Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can you say no to chocolate?

Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate.  
It is hard enough to say no for the rest of the year but during the holiday season it's almost impossible!!

Maybe you don't have to say no to Chocolate to stay on your healthy lifestyle changes.  Maybe you can say "yes" to Chocolate and still lose weight!  

Please say it is so.

We've all grown up KNOWING that chocolate is fattening, right?  Than why is it that people who regularly eat Chocolate are thinner than those who don't?

We can thank UC San Diego researchers for their research and their discovery!!  Beatrice Golomb, Sabrina Koperski and Halbert White....they are my heroes!!  In their finding it was determined that eating chocolate will actually aid you in losing weight!!

Now that I have said this:  Moderation, as I have always said, is essential to losing weight...but this is good news!!

The researchers had 1018 men and women volunteers between the ages of 20-85 to do their research on.  They were asked how often a week they eat chocolate, other food s they ate and how often they exercised.  The chocolate eaters ate more saturated fat and exercised about the same as those who did not eat chocolate on a regular basis.  It didn't matter how the researches adjusted the data....the people who ate chocolate were thinner!!

The findings were that chocolate may help aid with metabolism which will offset the calories taken in when eating chocolate.  We know that metabolism is what helps you burn calories.  Those with a high metabolism can eat more as their body burns more.  We know that exercise will help speed up your metabolism.  Now chocolate?  Where do I sign up?

This news could not have come at a better time....right before the holidays!!

Tell me if this works for you.

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