Thursday, October 11, 2012

The truth about calories

Let's put our calories on the table and talk about the truth.

One "calorie" isn't different than another "calorie."  Think of it like a car:  Cars have four wheels, engine, steering wheel, brakes and lights....but a car is a car is a car.  The difference is WHAT type of car you want for your needs.  
  1. Do you want to go fast?
  2. Do you want to save gas?
  3. Do you want to fit a family in it?
  4. Do you want to take it off road?
Simple.  You buy the car that fits those needs.

Calories:  calories are calories are calories.  What you want to do is decide what you want out of those calories.
  1. Enjoyment:  Eat a candy bar
  2. Full feeling:  Eat something with fiber
  3. If you are "starving" and you want to eat more:  Eat fruits and vegetables (more bang for your buck, says Betsy Klein, RD, LD, a Miami-based dietitian)
We want to do different things with our calories.  Some say eat more protein to burn body fat but others say you will lose weight if you cut meat out.  Yes, there are other ways to eat protein other than meat.  

Some say watch your carbohydrate intake that will make you fat.

Honestly, it's too much information we are required to know which is why we all quit before we see any results.  I've talked about keeping it simple.  Let's say even that simple way is too difficult because you have to "count calories."  

I decided to write this blog for those who are tired of counting everything.  This is going to make it very simple for you to follow through.  Ready?

Smaller portions for everything.  Get over the memories of your parents telling you that you can't leave the table until you have cleaned your plate.  (Boy, I'm really dating myself aren't I?)  

If your "norm" is two heaping spoonfuls of mash potatoes:  Only do one.  If your norm is 10 oz steak try only an 8 or 6 oz. steak.  If your norm is three pieces of bread try only one or two.

Here's the trick to eating smaller portions:  Eat slower.  Do you know it is your brain that tells you that you are full not your stomach.  If you eat slower you will give your body more time to tell your brain it is full so your brain can send you the message.  This is why when we eat a big meal, quickly, and 30 minutes later we are miserable.  (I'm thinking Thanksgiving).

Smaller portions, slow down and you won't have to count anything.  Good luck.

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