Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2nd annual Scavenger Hunt for PAWS for Life, Pueblo

It's that time again...Halloween.  This time of year is fun for all ages.  What's really fun?  Scavenger Hunts...what's even funner....doing a Scavenger Hunt to help animals.  The first annual scavenger hunt was 2011 and was a big success!  This year we want to make it even better!!


Saturday, October 27, 2012
We start at PAWS for Life, Pueblo at 3:00 PM.  800 N. Pueblo Blvd. Pueblo, CO
Costumes are not required but recommended!  You can work alone or in a group!
You will be given places to go on the scavenger hunt; the list is must be taken to all businesses to be signed off on.

Pet Paradise:  1115 Pueblo Boulevard Way Pueblo, CO
PetSmart:  4230 North Freeway Road Pueblo, CO
Petco:   5843 North Elizabeth Street, Pueblo, CO
are three of the stops (imagine that)

There are three hidden clues for the other business participating this year. 
HINT:  They are all in Pueblo West

You will be given a list of items that PAWS for Life, Pueblo needs that you may purchase if you want (not required to participate).  The list is below BUT you cannot purchase any of these items to be counted towards your donations until October 20th!  The items AND the receipt must be turned in at the end of the Scavenger Hunt.

When you go to the participating business you have to EARN the donations.  They can have you do anything to earn them.  The better you do the more you earn for PAWS for Life, Pueblo.  

SIX by SIX:  This means you have six places to go by 6:00 PM.  You have to be at 
Jimmy's Tavern 324 S. Mc Culloch Blvd., Pueblo West, CO  by 6:00 PM with your donations and signed sheets.  At this time the amount donated will be tallied up (this will include any purchases you made out of the kindness of your heart from the week of October 20-27th.)  

The winning person or team will win a $50.00 bar tab at Jimmy's Tavern.  Jimmy's Tavern will also be providing food for us.  

EVERYONE is encouraged to participate, all ages.  Prizes for children will also be provided.  

At Jimmy's Tavern there will be baskets that have been generously donated for everyone to try and win!  

EVERYTHING to put this scavenger hunt on has been DONATED!  Monies have been paid by the sponsors; 100% of everything, money, donated items, etc. goes to PAWS for Life, Pueblo. 


American Bank of Commerce
Pueblo, CO  719-595-7300

Local Motors
Pueblo, CO  719-546-1250

Rental Services
Nick Katzer 719-240-4639

Presidential Brokerage
Robert Stanlick  719-278-9712

Legal Edge
Rhonda Sposato  719-543-7455

VS Accounting
Pueblo, CO  719-543-8680

The Hassler Law Firm
Pueblo, CO  719-544-2929

Mobile Record Shredders
Pueblo, CO  719-544-5460

Manweiler Trucking
Now Hiring Drivers  719-543-0585

Jimmy's Tavern
Pueblo West, CO  719-647-1442

American Family Insurance
The John Zanotelli Agency  719-543-8744

Farm Bureau Insurance
The Teena Dodson Agency  719-924-9049
The Cheryl Cordova Agency  719-696-8697

Southwest Motors
Hwy 50  719-545-5700
Santa Fe:  719-542-2677

The UPS Store
Pueblo, CO  719-543-5800

Bark Hill Properties, LLC
Pueblo, CO  719-696-9973

Zeisler & Associates, Attorneys at Law, PC
Colorado Springs/Pueblo  719-358-2571

American Pool Players Association
John and Barb Anderson 719-404-3277

Coats & Tails Pet Grooming
Pueblo West, CO  719-547-8599

Arly's Hang-Up
Pueblo West, CO  719-547-3009

Premier Back Rehabilitation Center 719-924-5977
Colorado Car Wreck 719-778-9340
Pueblo, CO  

Freedom Consignment & Antiques
Pueblo West, CO  719-406-8196

Hymark Motorsports, Inc.
Pueblo West, CO  719-547-3478

Ed & Irene Russell

If you are in the area of any of these business or if you know any of them please give them a great big thank you!  

If you would like to donate a basket please contact Rhonda at 719-369-3921.

We would love to have some businesses challenge other business to see who can get the most donations!  

Let's rock this scavenger hunt this year!!!