Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Losing weight, Healthy's a frame of mind

We've talked about DIETS our entire lives, the lives of our parents and the lives of our grandparents.  What would we have to talk about if someone we knew wasn't on a "diet."  We talk about what they are doing (if it is working), we talk about the mistakes they are making (when it is not working) and we talk about how we need to lose a few pounds.  We watch those wonderful commercials that talk about guaranteed results, only for the people who seriously need to lose 30 pounds or more....and worst yet
WE BELIEVE THEM.  BLAH BLAH BLAH.  If you haven't read the blog on ideal body weight here is the link to that one so you can see how much money the "diet industry" is making off those guaranteed pills to help you lose that stubborn body fat.

Let's look at what we DO KNOW:
  • You cannot lose weight if you put more calories into your body than you are burning.
  • You cannot stop eating and lose weight...healthy.
  • On average if you want to lose one (1) pound per week you need to cut your calorie intake by 500 calories per day OR burn 500 calories per day OR combination of both.  (American Cancer Society).
We all need to exercise whether we need to lose weight or not....your heart depends on it but that is for a later discussion. 

To get started lets get rid of the fat grams, protein grams, multiplying number of fat grams times 7 and subtract from the calories.....That is too much to think about starting off so forget that for now.

Keeping it simple  (We all know the KISS factor:  Keep it simple stupid)  We are going to change that because we are not stupid for believing what we hear so it is going to be Keep it Sweetly Simple:

How can you cut 500 calories per day and not notice it?  It is easier than one might think.  For some of you...skip the Starbucks each morning and you are there.  I know, I know AM I CRAZY. 

Other ways:
  • When you go through the drive through:  Don't get the cheeseburger with Mayo.  If you cut the cheese and mayo you will cut about 225 calories with that decision ALONE. 
  • If you are a soda drinker change one a day to water (NOT DIET about that here).  One 12 oz. of soda = about 150 calories.  20 oz. of soda = 250 calories.
Looking at the above that trip through the drive through skipping the cheese and mayo and the soda for water you will have saved almost 500 calories that meal alone! 

If skipping Starbucks in the morning is not an option and you don't eat can still figure out what you can do to cut 500 calories OR cut and burn 500 calories.  If you need a quick reference to calories you can find a chart here.  It's a frame of mind not a pill.  When starting out KEEP IT SIMPLE.  When it is too difficult we don't do it. 

Please share your secrets.

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