Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reducing stress Part 3

There is one word in the English language that will help you reduce stress.  It helps you avoid many things that in life that could cause stress.

This word is NO!

I know, easier said than done but practice it with me....ready....set......NO!!

When you are asked to help volunteer AGAIN for a cause and your first thought is "ugh, is it that time already" or "I just don't have the time" say NO!  Saying no does NOT make you a bad person but saying yes could make you feel bad....and that bad is stress and you can't help anyone when you are not at your best.  Saying no may make you "feel bad" for the moment but will reduce your stress in the long run.

Another thing to say NO to is any conversation that "drains you" or will become a heated conversation.  Earlier we talked about avoiding the friend conversation who always has a problem.  I want to expand on that one.  Avoid ALL conversations that could lead to a heated discussion; religion & politics are good examples of this but your list may contain a few more topics.  If your are right wing and your friend is left wing this time of year is a difficult one.  When you are with your friend don't bring up the subject of politics.  If the subject is brought up, "wow. look at the time sorry but I need to get going."  Just say NO to those conversations.

Just say NO to the news if you find yourself worrying or getting upset or mad about everything on news.  Turn the channel or turn it off.  Trust me....if it is something you need to know it will be on again.  

Remember, you will not be ANY good to ANY one if you are stressed.  So remember this:

A:  Always
N:  No before 
Y:  Yes

ANY will allow you to say no first.  You will than be able to "think" about it without the immediate pressure of being in the moment.  

Come back and learn what you can do to reduce stress when you can't say NO.

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