Saturday, October 6, 2012

Reducing Stress Part 4

Are you stressed?  Depressed?  Have anxiety in you life that you want to get rid of?  We have talked about way to reduce stress and here is another way to do that..... Exercise.  I know, I know.....this is the LAST thing you want to do.  After-all you don't have any energy because your stress, depression and anxiety has taken it all.  I promise you this....if you exercise you will feel better.

According to the Mayo Clinic (you know how much I love the Mayo Clinic):

How does exercise help depression and anxiety?
Exercise probably helps ease depression in a number of ways, which may include:
  • Releasing feel-good brain chemicals that may ease depression (neurotransmitters and endorphins)
  • Reducing immune system chemicals that can worsen depression
  • Increasing body temperature, which may have calming effects
Exercise has many psychological and emotional benefits too. It can help you:
  • Gain confidence. Meeting exercise goals or challenges, even small ones, can boost your self-confidence. Getting in shape can also make you feel better about your appearance.
  • Take your mind off worries. Exercise is a distraction that can get you away from the cycle of negative thoughts that feed anxiety and depression.
  • Get more social interaction. Exercise may give you the chance to meet or socialize with others. Just exchanging a friendly smile or greeting as you walk around your neighborhood can help your mood.
  • Cope in a healthy way. Doing something positive to manage anxiety or depression is a healthy coping strategy. Trying to feel better by drinking alcohol, dwelling on how badly you feel, or hoping anxiety or depression will go away on its own can lead to worsening symptoms.
I don't want to exercise:

You are in luck!  The Mayo Clinic has some suggestions:
What kind of exercise is best?
The word "exercise" may make you think of running laps around the gym. But exercise includes a wide range of activities that boost your activity level to help you feel better. Certainly running, lifting weights, playing basketball and other fitness activities that get your heart pumping can help. But so can gardening, washing your car, or strolling around the block and other less intense activities. Anything that gets you off the couch and moving is exercise that can help improve your mood.
You don't have to do all your exercise at once either. Broaden how you think of exercise and find ways to fit activity into your routine. Add small amounts of physical activity throughout your day. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park a little farther away from your work to fit in a short walk. Or, if you live close to your job, consider biking to work.
Not sure you want to?  What do you have to lose?  Stress, Depression, Anxiety...that's what!!  Give it a try and get healthy at the same time!

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