Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Diet soda DANGERS

While you see your waistline get smaller your hidden risks get larger by drinking diet soda.

Yes diet soda gives you little or no calories.  Yes diet soda actually tastes pretty good now and days.  Yes diet soda allows you to enjoy the carbonation drink without the weight gain.  But......what else does diet soda give you:

According to a study by the University of Miami and Columbia researchers followed approximately 2,500 people over a 10 year time period:

According to Harvard Medical School:  "All of the study volunteers were over age 40 and had never had a stroke. At the start of the study, each participant indicated her or his diet soda intake as “none” (less than 1 per month), “light” (1 diet soda a month to 6 diet sodas a week), or “daily” (1 or more a day). Each year, researchers contacted participants by phone to ask them about changes in risk factors and medications, as well as any health problems and hospitalizations that may have occurred."

The results:  At the end of the 10 year period increase risk of:
  • Heart attack
  • Death from vascular disease
  • Stroke
The risk remained high even after the researchers take into account: smoking, sodium intake, exercise, weight, high cholesterol and all the other factors that lead to heart attacks, strokes and death from vascular disease.

Okay, so these risks are worth it if you can lose weight....think again.  Let's set the risks aside and look at the "gains" of drinking diet soda; weight loss.  The gains for drinking diet soda is just that.  Another study showed that people who drink diet soda tend to be heavier than non diet soda drinkers.  The reason:  they tend to have more unhealthy habits.  Does this sound familiar:  I'd like a Double Quarter pounder with cheese, large fries and a diet soda.  

Before you reach for that diet soda ask yourself this:  Will water do?

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