Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dangers of Energy Drinks

It's 2:00 PM and you look at the clock......Three more hours to go until quitting time. But wait, you still have to stop at the grocery store, go by and pick up your dry cleaning and get home in time to make dinner, clean the mess up and get to your child's recital by 7:00 PM.

2:30 PM at your local convenience store gulping down an energy drink.

How is anyone supposed to do this without any help? seems that when you need the most you have the least so we do the easiest route and buy it, from a can, because it says "energy" on it.  

What we don't realize is the high-caffeinated drinks can lead to dehydration if you mix it with exercise, according to Dee Rollins, RD., Ph.D of the Baylor Regional Medical Center.  

"Effects of Caffeine When Exercising:  Caffeine stimulates urine production, which removes water from the body. If you are already losing water in sweat, losing more in the urine means needing to drink more during exercise."  (

Avoiding dehydration is simple.  Drink more water!  Need more energy....well that is simple also:  Vitamin B12 shots.

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