Saturday, June 23, 2012

Got Energy? Need to feel better?

I have to admit....I just thought Vitamin B12 was just for an "energy boost."  What the heck was the big deal anyway....I'll just drink some 5 hour energy, drink an "energy" drink, have another cup of coffee, heck, if I need to I'll just go to my local Vitamin Store and buy some Vitamin B12.  

Who knew that the multivitamin I bought in the store "just wasn't strong enough."  Maybe that is why I quit taking them and quit "wasting my money."  

So I take to the internet and do some research.  Shots or Pills from a Doctor?  I learn that most Doctor's prefer the shot over the pill as the dosage does not need to be as high if given directly into the bloodstream.  I also learned that the stomach reduces the absorption during the digestive process according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Hmmmmm....bought it at the store, lower dose than I needed AND I lost some of it because of the digestive process.  No wonder I didn't stick with it and to be honest with you I probably have some left in the bottle.

According to the Mayo Clinic there are agencies, such as John Hopkins University, that are doing research on the affects Vitamin B12 has on Alzheimer's, dementia, breast cancer, heart disease and high cholesterol. Other areas that Vitamin B12 may benefit is male infertility, asthma, Parkinson's disease and sickle cell disease.

Okay, I have done my research....Vitamin B12 needs to be administered by a Doctor (not the check out lady at WalMart), should be in the form of an injection and does so much more than "gives me energy."  

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