Monday, July 2, 2012

Hurt in a Car Accident? The X-Ray you get can make a difference!!

Fourth of July!  Not only do fireworks go up but so do car accidents!!  Fourth of July is the highest holiday for car accidents and death according to Fox New and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
The X-Ray you have done can make all the difference in your treatment!!
Digital Motion X-Ray makes all the difference to you!!

According to Dr. Sutton, Premier Back Rehabilitation Center, PC:

Digital Motion X-Ray is simply a type of fluoro-based x-ray system, coupled with new digital and optic technology, allowing clinicians to view the spine in real-time motion at 30 x-rays per second. The procedure is performed with the patient standing and actively moving in a weight-bearing position within the system.
DMX is a digital movie of an x-ray in motion and it can be:
* Printed and emailed as "still" x-rays;
* Stored on a hard drive;
* Recorded on DVD.
Traditionally, diagnosis of whiplash injuries rely upon non-moving diagnostic procedures such as static x-rays, stress view x-rays, CT, and MRI. During these tests, patients are asked to stand or lie still: "Don't move" and/or "Hold your breath". Patients hurt more when they move and pain is commonly an indicator of injury. The majority of these non-moving diagnostic tests come out negative or unremarkable.

Watch this video to learn more about Digital Motion X-Ray and this life-saving method

If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident INSIST on Digital Motion X-Ray!! 
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