Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FREE Vitamin B12 Shots for a YEAR!!!!!!!

Premier Back and Rehabilitation Center wants to know how they have helped you so in return for your story they are giving away one (1) Vitamin B12 shot per month for one (1) year.  
$180.00 Value!!

The rules are simple:

1.  Comment on this Blog (see below comment section) on how Premier Back and Rehabilitation Center has improved your life (all stories are welcome).
2.  Share the blog on your Facebook page and ask friends to read your story. 

3.  Ask your friends to go to the event scheduled on Premier Back and Rehabilitation Facebook page and vote for your story! (Your votes ONLY COUNT if they are on the event comment section) Sample: I vote for Mark Sutton :) 

4.  Ask your friends to share on their Facebook pages to get more votes for you!

It's that simple!!  Good luck to everyone!!

Your comments may be used for future marketing and you authorize them to do so publishing your first name only