Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Line Therapy......Changing your life, bad habits and being a better YOU!

Ever wanted to make some changes in your life and just never did or never followed through?  Eat healthier, exercise more, reduce stress...the list goes on and on.  Most people fail because they are in it alone.  Most people don't have the "energy" to make any changes.  And....I hate to say this but our family and friends will tend to "discourage" you because they don't have the energy to change.

Does this sound familiar:  First day....Ahh this is easy, second day, ahhh this is the time the third day on change becomes a "chore." 

Failure of knowing is one of the biggest causes when a person fails at change.  We KNOW we have to eat better and exercise to lose weight, we HEAR and SEE all the different ways to do this but we don't really KNOW.  How is a person supposed to make an informed decision if you don't know. 

I have learned in life you don't have to have to learn.  You can sit down at the computer and do all the research yourself OR you can go to someone you trust who already KNOWS.  Be careful of this.....your friend who ate only carrots and lost weight does not KNOW what YOU need to lose weight. 
  • You need to find professionals that are invested in YOU! 
  • You need to find professionals that use the most current scientific research.
  • You need to find professionals that their concepts are supported by RECENT controlled clinical studies.
I love the saying "why re-invent the wheel" but I'm going to use this in a different concept here...why buy a wheel from someone who builds boxes?  If you TRULY want to change you find the professionals who want the same things for you.  You want the PROFESSIONAL guidance of YOUR health care provider.

Do you often feel tired or have a lack of energy?
Do you have difficulty concentrating?
Are you easily irritated or feel moody?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you wake up feeling unrefreshed?
Do you feel bloated or gain weight easily?
Do you have digestive or intestinal discomfort?
Do you have occasional mild headaches?
Do you feel like you're not healthy as other people your age?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, than a SIMPLE program could help you feel better and have more energy in JUST 10 DAYS!!!

Just answering YES to any of these questions is the FIRST step in changing.  NOW pick up the phone and call Premier Back Rehabilitation Center, P.C. at 719-544-1161 and meet with the PROFESSIONALS that want your sucess as much as you do.  Free Consultations so you meet with REAL PROFESSIONALS face to face (no internet search here) and together you decide what the best approach for you is (no order this cd today and change your life).  At Premier Back Rehabilitation Center, P. C. you are a PERSON not a number and your success is their priority!!

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