Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ways to feel better; Part 1

How does a person feel better about themselves?

I love the saying "Don't let negative rent space in your head."

With that being said one way to feel better about yourself is to let the negative go.  When we hold negative things in more than just our psychological self suffers or health suffers also.  One thing I like to do is every morning think about something positive.  If you remind yourself before your day starts that there are positive things in your life you will begin the day better.  

When something bad happens....I know it's a cliche but take a few deep breaths.  A positive nothing is better than a negative anything so breathe.  Once you have a chance to breath, and not react, you have a chance to think about the situation.  Now you have three choices:  If you can change it, than change it.  If you can fix it, than fix it.  If you can't do either let it go...don't let it rent space in your head.  I know it's easier said than done but once you practice this it does get better. 

When you forget something, you break something, you don't do something.....let it go.  That second, that minute will never come back to you...all you do is use up future seconds, minutes hours and days worrying about what you cannot change.

Always move forward.  If you get off course than detour back to where you need to be.  It's like a may slip and have a candy bar but if you get back on track than it was a pleasant detour on your diet.  If you continue down the same road and eat more candy bars than you will get lost.  

Life has a way of getting in the way of our plans.  We get an extra $200.00 bonus out of the blue and our transmission goes out in the car.  We get a day off and plan on enjoying it by reading and doing some light laundry and the kitchen floods and you spend the day cleaning the mess up and fixing the leak.  It happens.  Accept what life throws at you and move on.  

Negative is part of a battery, not an attitude.  Love life, embrace it's imperfections and move forward because what you left behind will only haunt you if you let it.

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