Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trouble sleeping ladies?

There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep. Okay maybe there is one thing that is worse...having to be productive the next day. 

One my most "favorite" part of not sleeping are the well-meaning comments (I say well-meaning comments sarcastically:   

  • You look tired.  
  • Are you sleeping?  
  • You look horrible.
I wrote previously on stress, depression and caffeine.  Today I am going to talk about one reason women may have trouble sleeping. After-all we want those comments to be "YOU LOOK WONDERFUL" right?

Ladies (and the men who love them) I hope this helps you get a good nights sleep:

Hormones:  Yes's the wonderful hormones but if you think you have it bad...try living with them.....okay I guess you do "live" with them.

A woman's hormones change all the time. Menstruating, pregnant or menopause and yes these hormones mess with the brain chemicals that help you sleep not to mention the pain and/or discomfort that comes along with these situations.

Let's look at menstruating first:  CRAMPS!  These are the most uncomfortable and often most painful things a woman can experience next to child birth.  (It's a good thing that children are a least until the teenage years because what women go through is not joyful).  I was involved in a car accident and my Doctor told me to stay ahead of the pain...take the pain medication on a regular basis. The same thing goes for cramps; stay ahead of the pain.  Ibuprofen or aspirin before you go to sleep can sometimes ease the pain enough to get a good nights' sleep.  If this does not work....SEE YOU DOCTOR because there are ways to ease your cramps.

Pregnancy:  Remember when you first got married and you adjusted to sleeping with someone and sharing a bed.  Try sharing a bed with another person inside you.  Not to mention the pregnancy hormones that go along with it.  If pregnancy is keeping you awake at night talk to your Doctor.

Menopause or pre-menopause:  Talk about hormones!  Hot Flashes!  Anxiety!  Night Sweats!  If you have experienced this you understand.  If you haven't yet it is one roller coaster ride that you just want to get off.  First I'm going to tell you to talk to your Doctor as there are some medications out there that will ease these symptoms.  If you are one of those who prefer the non-medication approach here are some tips:

  • Eat healthy
  • Alcohol is NOT your friend
  • Spicy food is not your friend
  • Exercise
  • Wear loose clothing when sleeping 
  • Keep the temperature down when you sleep (mid to low 60's)
  • Small fan facing your head
Remember sleep is a great way to stay healthy!  If you are having trouble sleeping look into why and talk to your Doctor about correcting it.  Lack of sleep can have some severe consequences for both you and others you may cross paths with.  The dangers of lack of sleep are not only the "bad mood" you are in but it affects your driving which affects others.

If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear from you!

Sweet Dreams!

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