Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let's talk exercise and gym memberships

Exercise.....I've written before about the best exercise that you can do is the one you will do.

First we need some motivation so click HERE and come back and read while listening.

Let's look at exercising at a gym and picking the RIGHT gym for YOU!

The truth is not all gyms are created equal but only because of you not because of the gym.  There are many gyms, or "places to work out" that work perfect for those who choose them.  If you are looking at joining a gym do your homework because there is nothing worse than getting the workout bug, signing a year contract and not enjoying the facility, right?

There are the small "hard core" gyms (like the one in Rocky) that are better suited for certain people.  I would say men tend to go there more often than women.  This is a great environment for those who are training and do not need assistance.

There are organizations such as the YMCA that offers a more "friendly" environment, day care while you are working out, swimming, aerobics, machines and free weights.  If you have children this is often the best choice for you as there is more activities for the entire family for your monthly fee.

There are gyms that offer machines, classes and free weights that are adult only gyms.  (Usually 16+).  These gyms are great for those adults who need to get away from children or don't want to exercise with them running around.  Most of these do not offer swimming as the facilities are usually too small to accommodate a swimming pool.  Some of these facilities are open 24 hours a day so this is an excellent choice for those who work odd shifts want to work out at 3:00 am.  

There are gyms, such as LOA (Lady of America, fitness for women) that only cater to women.  These gyms are great for the ladies who are self conscious or the one's who prefer to work out versus find a date.   

Here's the thing about choosing a gym to become a member:  Try it out first.  If the gym you are interested in does not allow a few free visits.....move on.  There is a reason why.  If you are allowed three free visits go twice at the time you plan on using the facility.  This will give you an idea of how busy it is during the time you need to use the gym.  

ASK questions.  If you don't know...find someone who does.  If someone there can't answer your questions....move on.  I feel that it is important that at all times there is someone at the gym who knows what the gym is about.  You don't want to sign a contract and find out later that you cannot get any help when you need it.  One very annoying aspect of gyms is this:  You workout at 7:00 PM, because that is best for your schedule, and you have a question about a machine and there is no staff at the gym to answer your questions.  

If you are new to working out...or if you worked out years ago make sure the gym has a personal trainer on site.  This will probably cost extra but learning the correct way to exercise is better than it costing you in other ways; such as injury or quitting.

Before starting any exercise program please consult your Doctor.

None of the pictures of gyms belong to me.  Courtesy of the individual gym and the internet :)

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