Thursday, December 27, 2012

After the holidays Part 2

In my last blog I talked about desserts after the holidays and what you can do to not over-indulge.  In this blog I want to discuss what happens when you host a holiday meal and what you do with the left-overs.

  • You are hosting the holiday meal.  You have ten coming to dinner.  You plan and prepare the meal for 15 because you never know if you forgot to invite someone, if someone asks if they can bring someone or the uninvited guest drops by.  
  • So what's the problem?  The problem is leftovers!  Now some leftovers are good because you don't have to cook BUT what happens is this...what is the easiest thing for guests to bring to dinner.....some type of dessert.  I know, divide and send home with everyone.  This is easier said than done....people are stuffed and the thought of taking food home with them...well it's not very likely unless you have a college student living on their own....they will take ANYTHING.
We have OVER baked, OVER cooked and now are 5-10 pounds OVER the weight you were on November 15th.

What can we do to stop all the left-overs being "left" at our house?  Here are a few suggestions that I hope you find useful:
  1. Ask all of your guests to bring two take home containers.  (Plan on them not doing this so go to your local discount store and buy the throw away container so you are prepared).  When the meal is done take enough of the left overs for your family to have for one meal and have all of your guests fill their containers with what is left.
  2. Buy the good divided plates and have your guests build plates of food.  Place them in boxes and take down to your local shelter or food kitchen and hand out.
  3. You can build the plates and take to your local Veterans Association.
  4. Do you have a neighbor that has a hard time getting around?  Buy containers that are divided and can be microwaved or placed in the oven.  Take your neighbor plates of food.  If you have a lot of food left over place the leftovers in individual FREEZER bags (I would suggest using the bags that the air can be removed) and take to the elderly lady/man across the street.
This is the same concept as with the left over don't have to eat it don't have to waste it by throwing it can share with those who are less fortunate than you.

picture compliments of bigstock
Remember the holidays are about caring...why not add sharing to that list.  So much food goes to waste this time of year....why not share it with others who may not have enjoyed the holiday meal.  If you do share with your neighbor....think about next year inviting them over for dinner and sending the leftovers home with them.  If each of us cared about our neighbor...we would all have someone looking out and caring for us.
If you have any other suggestions PLEASE share them here.

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