Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who need's Vitamin B12 shots?

This is simple....everyone, but I know that won't answer the question appropriately.

Are often "tired?"
Do you find yourself sleeping "restlessly?"
Are you having trouble losing weight?
Do you feel "weak?"
Are you often light headed?
Do you find yourself short of breath?
Are you pregnant?
Are you breast feeding?
Do you suffer from restless leg syndrome?

If you answered yes to any of the above....you are definitely in need of Vitamin B12.
Over time, a deficiency in either B12 or folate can lead to macrocytic anemia, a condition characterized by the production of fewer but larger red blood cells, thus a decreased ability to carry oxygen. Due to the anemia, those affected may be weak, light-headed, and short of breath. A deficiency in B12 can also result in varying degrees of neuropathy or nerve damage that can cause tingling and numbness in the person's hands and feet. In severe cases, mental changes that range from confusion and irritability to dementia may occur. (Lab Tests Online)
According to Lab Tests Online:  The symptoms associated with B12 and folate deficiency are initially subtle and nonspecific. They are related to the resulting macrocytic anemia, nerve involvement, and gastrointestinal changes. People with an early deficiency may be diagnosed before they experience any overt symptoms.

Although a deficiency of Vitamin B12 is rare but can lead to very serious condition:
Diarrhea, Dizziness, Fatigue, weakness, Loss of appetite, Malabsorption, Paleness, Rapid heart rate, Shortness of breath, Sore tongue and mouth, Tingling, numbness, and/or burning in the feet, hands, arms, and legs (with B12), Confusion and Paranoia.

What a simple fix...Vitamin B12 shots.  Taking Vitamin B12 supplements, although is better than nothing, will not give you the dosage that you may require as it is lost through the digestion process.

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